About us

Chaochomvarnish Co.,Ltd. Is a factory producing quality products of international standard export. We produce skin care and personal care products, and cleaning products. According to your needs.

We also have products of our own brand. That is HOM Deodorant, which can be used up deodoriser to 4 items (mustache or beard, body, underarm, foot and genital external area) in 1 bottle. it havn't Alcohol, and have soft smell 6 choice. It is can use to childen ( 4 years up), teenagers, adult and old people. And we are looking for distributors overseas. Which we have commercial rights and credits up to 90 days (according to our consideration only)


You can send details of your needs to e-mail : chaochomvarnish@gmail.com

We Produce facial and body skin care products according to your needs. 
We Produce personal are products according to your needs.

We Produce Household cleaning products according to your needs.

Awards that we are proud of

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